Frequently Asked Questions

 Chena Hot Springs

-How long is the trip? Why do we leave so early?   

In the winter the road conditions vary widely.  The road can sometimes be a one lane road where we stop for oncoming vehicles or sometimes a sheet of ice.  If the state decides to put down salt sand the possibility of moose in the road go way up.  We often stop at a few places of interest along the road if extra time.

-Are the hot springs private tubs?

You do not get your own private tub.  There are a few communal indoor and outdoor places to soak with others.  The outdoor rock lake for adults is the best.

-I didn't bring a bathing suit.  What about towels?  

You must wear a swimsuit.  A selection of washed used swimsuits are available at no charge.   If that grosses you out.  There are some new bathing suits available for purchase.  Towels are an additional $5.

-changing rooms? 

There are men's and women's locker rooms with small lockers. A quarter for the locker is normally provided by your guide to lock belongings.  Please lock up any valuables.  The lockers are small so large bags may need to be left in the vehicle.

-place to eat?

The main restaurant is open till 10pm.  Bar often later.  During busy times, such as 8pm just after the ice museum tour, there is often about a half hour wait. There is also the aurora cafe in the activity center where we spend some time.  It offers espresso and some snack foods including pizza. It's open till at least midnight.