Fairbanks Alaska Northern Lights Tours


Fairbanks Alaska Northern Lights Tours

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Aurora Seeker trip 

100% success so far this winter.  Last winter probably closer to 80%.  Although a few nights this winter just a faint glow though a clearing in the clouds .  Guide normally spends much time studying weather and aurora data before trip.  So ideally reserve a day in advance so your guide has time to prepare for a successful trip.  If last min booking there may be a no money back policy. This tour may include a long drive or hopefully just somewhere pretty near Fairbanks.


   Auroraing trip looking for the northern lights.  Tripod use, extra warm clothing, hot hands toe and hand warmers are often included. An E picture is included weather/ Aurora permitting  


 if just 1 person on tour. price is $220 unless others join tour or $160 if clear skies are predicted and a far away location isn’t needed.

~10pm pick up. often ~2:30am or later drop off at your Fairbanks Hotel


Chena Hot Springs Tour 

Aurora seen about 70% of the time on this trip.  Will often try to drive somewhere else after the activities if it’s cloudy there.


Aurora Borealis Tour~4pm to 3am

Nighttime aurora viewing tour. Enjoy a scenic drive, ice museum tour, dinner(optional), and a relaxing hot springs soak at a rustic resort.

$165 adult, $115 16 and under.  

If just 1 person on tour price is $230 unless other join trip

This tour is normally recommended toward the end of your stay in Fairbanks.

(included) ice museum tour, (included) hot springs soak, Bottled water, and some snacks(Often included Aurora/weather permitting) a few pictures of the evening

Add-ons: in addition to above base price

$15 ice glass w/apple martini at ice museum (must be over 21 w/photo ID)

$5 towel for hot springs

$ ? Food and drinks at the restaurant open till 10pm or the activity center till midnight or later

$75 for a short dog sledding trip add on if 1.  $70pp 2 or more

         -earlier pickup about 3:30pm

Arrival time back in Fairbanks between 2 and 4am.

Chena Hot Springs is at m.p. 56.5 about 60 miles from downtown Fairbanks.  Extra warm clothing, Hand warmers, tripods, are often available at no extra charge.  Please request before trip. Alaska conditions can be extreme.  This company has a few permits where I sometimes bring people to special aurora wilderness viewing spots.  Such as a Chena state recreation area commercial permit, etc.  Want an adventure? Please inquire.

Happy Auroraing from Alaska Borealis Tours and Taxi!

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